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Level Bubbler Troubleshooting Guide

WARNING: System maintenance must be performed by qualified personnel and only after securing equipment controlled by the system.

Troubleshooting the Righton Level Bubbler is relatively easy, since each component can be isolated and tested independent of the others. In the event of a problem, the first step is to identify the probable cause by a few simple tests.

The most likely source of problems are leaks or plugged dip tube.

Unable to adjust the constant flow regulator to 1 SCFH

1. Air supply is off or too low

2. Filter Regulator is out of adjustment or plugged

3. System is dead ended due to plugged lead line or dip tube.

1. Ensure air supply is at or greater than the span of the pressure transmitter.

2. Refer to start-up instructions and manal for filter adjustment

3. Disconnect the lead lines from the bubbler. If purge flow returns to normal, the lead line or dip tube is plugged.

No output from Transmitter

1. Power polarity is reversed

2. Transmitter failure

1. Verify voltage across terminals (should be 10-35vdc).

2. Refer to transmitter manual for fault finding details.

Level Reading is Low

Leak in the lead line from transmitter to the dip tube

Tighten all connections and check for leaks using soapy water or “snoop” leak detector.

Check the elevation of the dip tube. They System measures the level from the exit point of the dip tube, unless the Texmate display was adjusted, see start-up instructions.

Level Reading is High

1. Partially plugged lead line from transmitter to dip tube.

2. Transmitter out of calibration or Texmate meter scaled wrong

1. Blow down the dip tube to clear debris. Confirm panel meter settings, see start-up instructions.

2. Transmitter must be calibrated by certified personnel.