Custom Designed Bubbler Systems to Meet Your Needs

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Air Bubbler Systems for Level Measurement

Righton Bubbler Systems are custom designed for continuous measurement and control of level, density, and screen drop/head loss.

Since 1993 Righton Instrument Co. has been designing and manufacturing Bubbler Systems with a strict policy of Quality Assurance.

Each component is carefully selected to produce a truly turnkey system. The bubbler method has proven to be the most reliable and respected by experienced operators.

Our custom design and modular concept offers the technique at a lower cost and easier installation for the final user. We invite your inquiry, to meet your needs.

Bubbler System Benefits

Isolation: The purge gas isolates the measuring device from the measured liquid. Surface foam, turbulence, viscosity, pH, conductivity, solids content, and electrical noise do not affect the measurement.

Reliability: A properly designed bubbler system will deliver the best reliability over all other methods. Ask any experienced operator.

Accuracy: From .2% to .075% factory calibrated traceable to NIST standards.

From basic level applications to advanced SCADA systems,
Righton Instrument Company is here to serve you.