Custom Engineering, Design, and Fabrication

King Mechanical Specialty is your source for custom designed industrial process equipment. Using a modular approach that enhances flexibility, simple operation, and easy change-over, we design and fabricate systems in our midwest USA facility and ship worldwide to your location. Our skid-mounted systems are designed to easily integrate with your existing equipment, providing a custom solution to precisely match your unique requirements.

Example Solutions Include:

  • Natural gas measuring, metering, fueling & filtering.
  • Blending systems.
  • Airburst (backwash) systems.
  • Righton Bubbler Systems for continuous measurement control of level, density, screen drop/head loss.

King Mechanical Specialty provides global support and installation for custom engineered products. Our solutions can be found all over the world, including North and South America, Asia, and the Middle East.

12″ ANSI class 300 natural gas filtering system designed and built by King Mechanical Specialty.