Cash Valve Pressure Regulator


Type E-55 Pressure Regulator

Due to its exceptional design features, the Type E-55 pressure regulator will handle high and variable flow rates that are beyond the limitations of ordinary regulators and still maintain unusually close regulation of the downstream pressure.
The Type E-55 regulator is suitable for service on air, water, oil, gases (except steam) and fluids not corrosive to brass. It is particularly suitable for water systems of all kinds and various hydraulic and pneumatic systems that require a regulator with exceptional accuracy.

Accurate Regulation at High Flow Rates: A unique feature of the Type-55 regulator is its increased sensitivity to changes in the rate of flow which is accomplished through the use of an aspirating nozzle in the valve outlet. The velocity of the flow through the nozzle produces an aspirating action (suction) that reduces the pressure below the diaphragm, permitting a wider valve opening and higher capacity without sacrificing accuracy of regulation.