Manage the effectiveness and reduce maintenance costs of water intake or fisheries screen with an Airburst Cleaning System.

An airburst cleaning system provides trouble-free, uninterrupted operations for your water intake. The Airburst cleaning system effectively removes the debris through a rapid release of high-pressure air through a system of valves connected to piping designed into the intake screen.

System Components and Options

Air Compressor*
Recharges compressed air in the receivers

Options: Reciprocating or rotary screw, oil-less or food grade oil, 1/2hp to 125hp motor, electric or gas motor, ODP or TEFC motors, oil and water filters, silencers and more.

ASME coded high-pressure vessels

Options: Custom sizes with horizontal or vertical installation, outlets made to valve size, plus other adaptable features to meet specific requirements with indoor or outdoor installation.

Automatic or Manual Operations

Sizes range from 1″ ball valves to 12″ butterfly valves that can be automated or manually operated. Pneumatically operated valves provide a low maintenance and cost effective solution.

Control Panel
Custom designed and built to specifications by a UL 508A panel shop

Automated systems provide the optimal cleaning solution at programmed intervals while offering manual initiation of a backwash at any time. Options to meet various NEMA standards and send/receive signals to SCADA. Manually operated valve systems are also available.

Differential Level Bubbler System
Optional system to determine head loss or control intake pumps

Differential Level Bubbler System
Adds value to backwash system by measuring the head loss or pressure drop across intake screen(s) to initiate a backwash. It can also be used to control intake pumps. Bubblers are time tested and proven to be one of the most reliable and low maintenance cost level measurement systems available.

Start-up and Training

On start-up and training can be provided at your site. 24/7 phone support is provided at no additional cost.

Standard components of a turn-key Airburst system: 1) Air compressor, 2) Control panel,
3) Valves and 4) Receiver

Typical Piping and Instrumentation Diagram for an airburst backwash system. This system has three screens.


* Sized to match screen requirements.

Our systems are custom designed to each application and customer needs. We can build turnkey or field installed systems. Contact us today to discuss your project.